Friday, January 15, 2016

Final Ear, Eye, Arm Post

  1. By the end of the book, how has Arm changed. He lost his ability when he was in the Gondwannan Embassy's room. When he was hypnotized he fell down and died for a few hours. Then mhondoro spirit brought him back to life. In this process he lost his emotional power, but also became stronger and more experienced.
  2. By the end of the book, how has mother changed? She led her own group of men and women into a group of highly trained and armed men and won. She found out the kids are more resourceful than she thought. She gained in strength and wisdom. 
  3. By the end of the book, how has Tendai changed. Tendai found out that he could be a spirit medium. Mom noticed he got a lot teller also. He got a lot stronger and smarter. He found out a little courage goes a long way. He took care of his 2 younger siblings also.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear, Eye, Arm Plot Summary through Chapter 27

1. Tell what happened to the children in Dead Man's Vlei. They got captured by two people named Fist and Knife, They brought them to a place named Dead Man's Vlei, where the she elephant was in charge.  And the She Elephant forced them to work in the plastic mines, and do other daily chores. Tendai escaped through a well when the She elephant was drunk. Trashman picked up Kuda when he was crying for his mom and ran away, forcing Tendai and Rita to follow. The She Elephant was not happy about that. She got mad and chased after them. Ear, Eye and Arm just missed them get on the bus. They got there Nirvana Guns and shot her a bunch of times. When she finally fell they made their escape.

2. Tell how the children escaped Dead Man's Vlei. Rita and Kuda were in the garden while Tendai was in the plastic mine. In the plastic mine there is a well. Tendai had thought about escaping through there before but couldn't reach. Then the sun shone directly through the well, something that only happens oncewa year. Tendai saw a stone partly under water there right below the well opening. HE swam toward the stone, got uop on  it then climbed up the well. When he got to the top he saw Rita and Kuda in the garden. Then Trashman picked up Kuda when he was crying for his mom and ran away, forcing Tendai and Rita to follow. They came to a bus stop where the driver knew Trashman. He brought them to a place called Resthaven. Resthaven is a place back in time, everything is old fashioned, like a tribe untouched by the modern world.

3. Tell what happened to the kids in Resthaven. Rita was stuck doing chores, while Tendai was eating and playing. Kuda was with Trashman at the other side of the valley, because he was not supposed to see Chipo when she was having a baby. What he didn't know was Chipo was having twins. In that culture twins are bad, they say one is evil and one isn't They try to kill the baby but Rita takes the baby out and gets in trouble.

4.  Tell how the kids escaped Resthaven. Chipo was the lady who let the kids into Resthaven. Then Chipo was accused of being a witch. The people suspected she turned her 3 miscarriages into bogeymen. Then Ear, Eye, and Arm came and took the one of the twins and left. While Ear, Eye, and Arm were dealing with that the kids escaped. The kids went to the Mellower's mother's house where she took care of him when they had chicken pox. The Mellower's real name is Anthony. The Mellower's mother's name is Beryl When the kids were at the Beryl's house The three detectives took care of the baby named Sekai. Sekai and Arm had an emotional bond, so when Sekai was sad so was Arm. The only way they could do their detective work was for the Mellower to watch her. So when the Mellower took care of her, the detectives tried to find the kids.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ear, Eye Arm Ch. 3

The Mellower:
How is the Mellower different from the other adults?
He acts more like a kid, he joins in on their food fights, encourages them to misbehave
How is he trusted?
He has passes that go to the gate, and can access the pantry,
How is he a contradiction?
The family is the exact opposite of the Mellower. He is childish, while they are more adult like.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm Ch. 2

      What do we know about the Mellower?  He forgets things often. Hypnotizes family after breakfast. Trusted enough to get a pass card.
       How does he NOT fit in with this family? Always late, while they are on time. Not interested in military, order, time, while the family.
Myna Bird